10 Preguntas Contestadas por Mat

21 Jul

If you are like me, which obviously you are better guitar players than me, I believe that taking lessons takes away from your ability to create your own style of playing. Do you agree? Thoughts?

Matt: No way! Lessons are a fantastic way to learn more about techniques from the style you’re into, or different styles you may have not known existed. I took lessons once a week for about 2 years when I was 14 or 15 or so.

I think that learning formal music training can somewhat be a roadblock for some players- SOME. Like me. Corey knows formal music and it helps him quite a bit; but alternatively, since I don’t know formal music (but I have tried) it allows me to basically make my own rules for writing and playing and jamming.

So it’s different for everyone- but keep in mind: sure, some people can shred better than anyone and play 6,00000 notes a second… but, to be able to write a good song is absolutely the most important thing a guitar player can do.

Can you release any more details about your Dean Signature Model guitar? When will you have one to start playing live? Will it replace you’re White Razorback as you’re main stage guitar? And how do your Deans compare to your Ernie Ball Music Man JP7 guitar?

Matt: Well ofcourse I can! For the signature models that Corey and I are releasing- they are going to be completely new bodies; bodies that each of us sketched out on crappy bar napkins a while ago. My sig. is a body combination between an ML, Z, V, and chopped up and sharpened. Corey’s custom is a souped up V.

The signature will definitely become my main axes in my arsenal; I’ll be making several signatures once we work out the kinks in the prototype.
In my opinion, USA Deans kick the fuck out of all the other guitars in the world.
You can expect our signatures to be released hopefully sometime in the middle of next year.

Del Preston:
Will Ember and the Inferno’s ever play again?
Matt:I heard they broke up… Mustachio the bassist ripped off Skyler Lightning’s handlebars and they all killed each other.

How long before you record the next album?
Matt:We’re all writing lotsa good stuff as we speak and we’re hoping to begin sessions by the beginning of next year.

What will its theme be?
Matt:Too hard to tell now… but I’m sure it’ll be rockin.

Are any of the guys gonna do guitar/bass/drum workshops?
Matt:We sure are- just not quite sure when. We’re all going to bed doing as many of the music conventions as possible, and maybe we can turn them into clinics.

Favourite Films?
Matt:Final Fantasy VII Advent Children is my absolutely favorite movie. I’m more of a TVDVD guy then a movie guy. My favorite TV is: Seinfeld, Sopranos, South Park, Lost, Grey’s Anatomy, Grounded For Life, Six Feet Under, Queer As Folk, and lots more.

What kind of thing would stop you from being in a band? What would go over your tolerance level? e.g. If you broke your neck would you still try and play or would you just retire or something. andIf you weren’t doing the whole band thing what would you want to do instead?

Matt:I’ve sustained many injuries and sicknesses on the road and have always tried to sing and play regardless: Busted lips, broken fingers, dislocated shoulders, tonsillitis, laryngitis, and all that good stuff.

Nothing would stop me from being in Trivium for sure… unless the other 3 got sick of me, signed petitions, and got me ejected from our tour bus via trampoline.

If I wasn’t in Trivium- like I never learned guitar and metal and all that… I’m positive I’d be in school, probably for business or something.

How does terrorism affect a touring band with alot of equipment?Particually at airports.

Matt:Nowadays we try to always ship what we need to have overseas and have duplicate equipment of all the big crap like amps, cabs, drums, risers, lights, and all that. We basically just ship guitars, wireless, pedals, and other bits and bobs thru a music transportation company.

I’ll tell you what does suck now from all that terrorism airport crap… the fact that I can’t bring my bathroom supplies on the plane anymore. That’s about the only thing terrorists accomplished- making peoples lives just slightly inconvenient at airports.

Creeping Dan:
Will the demo be remastered and re-released?

Matt:We’ve thought about it time and time again- and we’re still not sure about a remix/remaster. A rerelease will definitely happen.

life or death you’ve gotta bang another member of the band who would you bang?

Matt:Corey. As long as he’s gentle about it and cuddles afterwards… and he provides a lubed up reach-around.

This is to all of you, who influenced you to actually pick up your instruments? Because I only picked up the guitar because of you guys, and you’ve inspired me to be as good a standard as you are at the moment!

Matt:I originally picked up guitar just for the hell of it. My dad played as a kid and I thought I’d give it a shot. When I got into Metallica is when I got real serious into guitar.

What jobs would you be doing, if you weren’t in a kick ass, successful metal band?
Matt:College I suppose.

Is there any way you can repay your most loyal fans?
Matt:By rocking their socks off every time we play; and delivering the absolute best performance we can all the time.

Which bands in the current metal scene interest you?
Matt:Hmmm……. Not too sure. Lately I’ve been buying all the CD’s off of the greatest selling cd’s of all time list.

Matt, how long are you gunna let your hair grow?
Matt:Herman Li will always need a bigger comb than me.

Do you believe you are good role models for your fan base?

Matt:For sure. Lots of bands these days provide shit examples on how to live to younger fans, or people who want some sort of role model. Whether these bands actually are drug addict, misogynist, fire-breathing, fighting tough guys; or they just play one for show- it’s all a crappy image to portray.

We’re down to earth people like everyone else, who just happen to have a killer job that they get to share with the best fans in the world.

Do you guys ever get to go see any shows as a regular crowd-goer anymore? If not, do you miss being in the crowd, singing along with everyone, fighting for front row, trying to get drumsticks/plectrums, moshing and generally and getting the atmosphere of the show?? I know I would really miss it, but being in a successful band would be a worthwhile sacrifice I guess.

Matt:We’ll always miss that kind of stuff- but when we get to play with our heroes like Maiden and Metallica- we always get to have that feeling.

I remember being in the very very front row many days at Ozzfest watching Maiden with my jaw dropped, scared Bruce would call me out for not rocking out hard enough. Haha.

to corey: you said the next album will be a mix of Ember to Inferon,Acendancy and the Crusade. Could you be more specific on what respective elements of each album you’re going to take for the new album eg: simple song structures of ETI, Complex guitarwork of the Crusade and the melody of Ascendancy. I’d really appreciate if you could answer as much as you’re allowed to give away.

Matt:I know ya wanted Corey, but ya got matt. Well… what we thought months ago isn’t quite an accurate representation anymore of what the next album will be like. Even now, while we’re writing and demo-ing up new material, it’s impossible to tell what the stuff will be like in the end.

All we know for sure is that the new stuff is the next evolutionary step in the musical saga that is Trivium… and the shit is fuckin rockin.

2 comentarios to “10 Preguntas Contestadas por Mat”

  1. CronoMX julio 22, 2007 a 3:27 am #

    Muy buen aporte, y se note que Matt tiene buenos gustos, sobre todo con esa movie de FF7.
    Era de esperarse, lo que si no se puede esperar es la salida de ese nuevo CD XD

  2. Andres Trivium Lover julio 22, 2007 a 8:03 am #

    neta ke sii
    i tambien el mix del ember to inferno
    grax por tu comentario


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