Letra de “Into the Mouth of Hell We March”

26 Ago

“Into the Mouth of Hell We March”

Can’t you see, it’s not only me
That feels we’re linked to the seas
Make your way to a massive grave
If you can’t fight for each day
Torrential rain at the helm of death
It drowns the weak, battering the rest
Black walls of waves pummel to capsize
The roaring thunder overshadows our cries
Spires of lightning thrown down from the gods
Melting skin even in the deluge
The mast is broken, hull is splitting
Dear god the fucking ship is sinking
I will try to pour all of myself into this life
Before i die
If i go before my time
Then take these words evermore into your life
Such turmoil, let’s make the blood boil
Make your time count or rot as the soil
Life is hard, a fucking battle
The time is now and here’s your drum roll
We crawl out from the wreckage
Fingers dig into the sands
Of the shores
Everything we worked for
Is ripped apart and ruined, drowned
Deep beneath our dying world
The earth begins to open up
Into the mouth of hell we march
Now you see, for it is we
Who walk the fire and breathe
Make our way out of the grave
And lick the blood from our blades


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